Sapunaoa Pre-School

Supporting the Sapunaoa pre-School in Samoa.

We have received a request for assistance from the Sapunaoa Pre-School in Samoa, and we’ve decided to respond to the request as best we can. What they need is materials useful in running a Pre-School for around forty 2 to 5 year old children - for example (but not limited to) books, crayons, paper (different colours), scissors, sticky tape, glue, stickers, toys, balls (soccer, rugby, tennis etc). Also a TV, DVDs, videos, DVD & video player, radio, musical instruments. Also computer (desktop or laptop) & printer.

If you are able to provide any of these goods or similar, please place them in the box marked “for Sapunaoa Pre-School in Samoa” in the foyer, or give them to Murray. Please talk to Murray (phone 0401 619 836) before leaving any large items beside the box - TV, computer, printer, instruments.

The Vine held a fundraiser for the school - check out the photos of their car wash effort which really was a winner for all concerned!



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