The astute observer will notice big things have been happening at the church in the last few months.

We have been renovating our buildings - and now they are finished!  Well, mostly. 

The renovations started at the end of February and a major part of the building was gutted.  But the Church itself stayed open and operating. 

Some of the changes will mean much better facilities including disabled toilet facilities and a revamped kitchen that will allow us to serve up good food and good fellowship.

We hade an unofficial opening on the 8th September - check out our gallery to see a few snaps from the occasion.  There will be an official opening - stay tuned for more details on that.

But if the physcial renovations are nearly finished, the renovation of our faith and worship has only just begun.  We are delighted and comitted to delivering the Word in new and innovative ways.  We plan to build new relationships with ourselves, with God, with Lara ...

We are alive and we are here to stay - but don't be a 'doubting Thomas' - check out our picture galleries and our YouTube videos - we have fellowship, we have fun and we have faith.




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