Kindling the SpiritStirring the Embers

Fire gone out of your life?

Kindling the Spirit is a fellowship group which meets together monthly to discuss the application of Christianity today through the book of Acts [of the Holy Spirit]. In particular, we have been looking at the how, what, and why, of the events occurring in the establishment of the early church.

Some points considered in our discussions include:

  • All events are ordered beforehand by God;
  • God established his witness with power and authority;
  • No man can stand against God's plan (and we have seen many attempts to halt the witness of the apostles);
  • Messages delivered always include a chastisement of evil, a call to repentance, and the promise of deliverance;
  • The church community today is neglecting the true essence of the early vibrancy of the early church. We are too focused on us, operating as individuals, loving our own, focusing on cliches rather than the whole church.

The challenge for our Christian community is to repent of any lack of enthusiasm for God and one another. In that repentance, praying that God would rekindle our connection with the Holy Spirit, being open to His power and leading, such that our love for God and one another is demonstrably alive and growing. In the time of restoration our physical building is going through, may God also work in our hearts, restoring and enlivening our love. May God then be able to use us to deliver witness of His saving grace and love, through our love for one another which will speak louder than shouting from the mountaintops.

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