Church Groups

We have a number of groups operating at the church with plenty to do. And we are always looking for new members.

Worship and Christian Education

Running bible studies, organising services - the Worship and Christian Education group is very active in our church.

Electronic Media team

The Electronic Media team are responsible for the technology of the church - the audio-visuals, the information technology, even the website.  The basic message of Christianity remains as relevant today as ever but today brings wonderful new opportunities to bring it in new and exciting ways.

Social, Friendship & Hospitality

There's more to a church than worship - though that's an important part of course.  Another important part is fellowship.  The Social, Friendship & Hospitality group is an eager and enthusiastic organiser of dinners, picnics and other fun opportunities to enjoy fellowship.  

Another initiative of the group is the running of Costa Afternoons providing socialization, entertainment and a great afternoon tea for the local Aged Care facility.

Costa Afternoon

Check out our galleries to see just how much fun you could be having at our events.

Pastoral Care Pastoral Care

The pastoral partner program is a planned, effective, flexible way of providing responsive, non-threatening and informal care of each other within the church family.

It is like the school buddy system where each family has a pastoral partner who "looks out" for them. It is kept simple but meaningful - in many cases it will involve little more than a brief acknowledgement before or after worship, or a telephone call once in a while to keep in contact. At other times it may require caring and down to earth support in difficult times.

The pastoral task is to co-operate in the work of nurturing faith rather than defining expectations.

Property, Finance & Fundraising

Some big and exciting news .... soon

Ecumenical, Community & Social Justice

It's all about caring.



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